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Business Phone Messaging & On-Hold Recordings 

Listen to your outgoing message as though you were several of your important callers. How would it sound if you were a potential new customer? Your most important vendor? Be sure your message comes across as an accurate reflection of your business and its strengths . . . Potential clients may be hanging up because your voice just doesn’t sound impressive.- Communications Magazine

People confronted with silence on hold usually hang up in less than a minute. Music will keep them on hold about 30 seconds longer, and information on hold can buy up to three minutes. - THE WALL STREET JOURNAL 

80% of callers appreciate hearing information about a company they have called . . . It is also helping them present a more professional image of their business. Companies finally realize the benefits of giving targeted messages to a captive audience. - SALES & MARKETING MANAGEMENT

One day when he was placed on hold during a phone call to his bank, he heard a local radio station airing an ad for his banks competitor and thought “What a lousy way to do business”. He wondered why companies didn’t play messages about their own business for on-hold callers. Even if the caller waited for only 10 seconds, he or she might hear something that would spark interest in the business’s product or service. - Nation’s Business Magazine 

Voicemail systems can also enforce marketing messages about current sales or future promotions. Just think of it. Every time someone calls your company, they’ll hear about key marketing events . . . Today there simply isn’t enough time for business owners to be personally available to every customer. Voicemail technology might be the way to personalize our impersonal world – and at the same time, provide an excellent marketing opportunity. Effective marketing means being able to set yourself apart from your competition. - Entrepreneur Magazine 

The use of your business voicemail or on-hold recording is the most effective and inexpensive way to market your business. With a decent on-hold recording and phone greeting, any business can instantly have 24 hour marketing appeal and improved customer service, regardless of size. - Resourceful Marketing

What will turn them off is getting a message on an answering machine that doesn't give them the information they're looking for . . . it's time to invest in a more sophisticated system that will allow users to get the information they need even when you're not there. Because you work during the day and rely on your phone system to be a kind of personal assistant, it's worth it to make that investment. And, in actuality, it can make you look quite professional. - Entrepreneur Magazine

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